Best Samsung Chromebook 2 Holiday Season Deals

Christmas is just two weeks away and it’s time to make up your mind and make sure your gift will be delivered in just in time for the presents’ time. Some of the most appealing devices in the laptop/netbook area, the Samsung Chromebook 2 makes for a great holiday gift both for the tech savvy and for the beginner.

With the holiday shopping season at its peak, the Samsung Chromebook 2 Coupons are scarce, but Amazon has a good enough offer, particularly when it comes to deals for used devices. Samsung Chromebook 2 with Wi-Fi sells on Amazon starting at $449.99 and it qualifies for the free Super Saver Shipping offer. But offers for used Samsung Chromebook 2 are even more appealing, starting at $391.28. Also, the 3G version (Titan Silver) sells new from $490.00, while used devices start as low as $318.01.

The Samsung Chromebook 2 laptops are truly enticing for everybody, not just for the Google fans. The laptops pack the latest version of Chrome OS, and while it still doesn’t offer a compelling OS experience, it does come with a series of eye-catching perks. For instance, for those who find technology confusing, the Samsung Chromebook 2 are as user-friendly as one such device can be.

Since everything is basically based on cloud computing, there’s no hassle with installing virus protection (they already have it) and you won’t have to deal with confusing manual updates. As Google promises on its website, the Samsung Chromebook 2 “boot-up in seconds, never slow down and require almost zero setup or maintenance”.


Everything on your Samsung Chromebook 2 device is always backed up since all your files are stored on Google Drive.

There is no need to install a virus protection against malware since Google and Samsung have already figured that out for you.

You get 1TB of Google Drive free for 2 years when you purchase a Samsung Chromebook 2.

It’s never an easy decision, making a several hundred dollars investment in a device we expect of to be the latest in technology, web browsing, functionality and design. Samsung Chromebook 2 devices could easily be a bit steep priced for what they offers, since when offline, there’s not that much you can do with it. However, the Samsung Chromebook 2 Coupons, discounts and Amazon’s offers do make these devices appealing enough for a business mostly web-based.