The Toshiba CB35-B3340 Chromebook 2

In the recent world, laptops have been introduced in the IT market. Every IT company is coming up with different devices used to perform a number of functions. Recently, there has been the introduction of the Chromebook.

This is a novel computer type that has been designed to allow you to complete a number of functions easily, and in the shortest time possible. This type of computer runs on Chrome operating System, a Google product. A Chromebook will have an updated antivirus, together with Google apps like Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Play Store and Docs. However, you will also enjoy a wide range of apps that are included in the Chrome Web Store, also found on the Chromebook.

With a Chromebook, it will update itself, unlike the standard PCs. The update is carried out automatically, and you will not be charged anything. All your documents and files will be stored automatically on the Google Drive, the online storage. Though they are different from the standard PCs, you can still sync your phone and other mobile devices with it.

The Toshiba CB35-B3340 Chromebook 2
The Toshiba CB35-B3340 Chromebook 2 is one great piece of Chromebook, and here is a review of it.
This one is a Chromebook, made by Toshiba, and it is a device that has no fan, and it is loaded with an amazing, and powerful RAM of 4GB, and a SSD storage of 16GB. It weighs only about 3pounds, and measures 8.4, by 0.7, by 3.9 inches, with a screen of 13.3 inches, measuring diagonally.

The Chromebook is one unique laptop that also functions in a different way altogether. Most of the operations vary from a standard laptop.

The Display
The laptop has a wide screen of 13.3inches, diagonally. It also features a full HD display of 1080p IPS. You will enjoy a number of functions on the web, the screen will let you navigate freely through the slides, docs and sheets. You will also enjoy video and movie editing comfortably. It is also a great laptop to enjoy your TV shows, as well as movies. The screen displays a big picture in a real-time experience. The Chromebook will also enjoy movie streaming on the Chromecast. This will let you enable the big-screen, which will be wider than the normal live movies.

Skullcandy Sound
This laptop will give you a great sound, which is powered by the Skullcandy feature, which allows for the audiophiles to fine tune the sound. You will enjoy a super rich sound quality of music, which have natural sound competences. You may not find this feature in any other laptop, other than an amazing Chromebook like this one.

Music All The Way
You can enjoy the music from your cloud drive, and load them to your laptop to enjoy a cool, and soothing experience. You can also enjoy an integration of the online playlist on Google Drive. You will also enjoy a free unlimited music pass with this Chromebook. This offer is only available for a maximum of 60 days. That lets you to enjoy a customized playlist, with no limits or anything. The music can then be synchronized with a different device for you to listen to it later.

Powerful Start Up, Long Life Power On
The Chromebook will start up in a matter of seconds, unlike other standard laptops, this one will start up very fast. The speed to power on is the direct opposite of the running period. It has among the best battery life on the market. The Toshiba Chromebook will run for about 9 hours, but that will depend on whatever you are doing with the laptop. All in all, this is a remarkable battery life.

The Processor
To begin with, the Chromebook is steered by an Intel Celeron Processor. It has an amazing processor of 2.16Hz Celeron MT1400, which will assure you of a super speed machine. The browsing itself is very fast, and it is the processor that allows the laptop to stream videos faster.

More Storage, More Security
This Chromebook has an SSD storage of 16 GB, too small you would think. However, the laptop comes with an extra 1TB space of Google Drive, which is free for 2 years, after your purchase. This is more than enough space to enjoy. An amazing thing is that the Chromebook will let you enjoy a secure storage, without anyone interfering with your files or documents. All the files will be loaded to the Google Drive automatically, giving you an easy time, with total entertainment.

Excellent Connectivity Experience
The streaming of HD movies and videos, the music assortments, high quality photos and games are made more entertaining with the Wi-Fi high performance. It has been installed with a dual antenna 802.11ac Wi-Fi. For that, you will enjoy fast internet connections, with the Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi feature lets you enjoy faster connection, streaming and coverage. The laptop also has a fast Bluetooth connectivity, so your file transferred is speeded up.

Fanless Design For Low Noise
You will not have to worry about the noise produced by the fans. This Chromebook comes with a fanless design. The laptop has been designed to automatically regulate the heat. This allows you to enjoy an easy, and silent experience with your laptop. In addition, it will not heat up, so it is one amazing machine.

The laptop is loaded with the video chat option, along with apps that use voice commands. For instance, you will enjoy the video chats using the Google+ Hangouts. You can then use the voice-based apps like the Google Search. It has an inbuilt dual array microphone, along with an integrated HD webcam. So you will be sure of having all that you need, no additional accessories needed. It also has a 3.0 USB port, so you can transfer media to our mobile device easily.

With a reasonable price of about $380, you are sure of having a steady machine for your daily use, with total entertainment. It might not be able to play heavy, hard drive games, but you can enjoy a number of online games, which loads very fast. You can also select from any of your preferred colors ranging from Charcoal, Rose and Aqua, so you have what you need.

Avoid These Common 5 Website Hosting Mistakes

After designing a highly polished, professionally looking website, it never stops there. The next vital step is finding a good host who will not only present your website to the world, but make it stay around long enough to make your visitors see your services. Today, with numerous enticing and misleading adverts running left, right and center, telling a good host is never easy. However, knowing the following common pitfalls will go a long way in helping you start on the right track.

1. Price Trap

Selecting a host purely on price offer is one of the greatest mistake most people commit. While it’s both logical and rational to choose cheap over expensive, cheap is sometimes more expensive. You may want to save some cash but get washed in quality and end up losing more cash in the process. Some companies use the price trap to attract customers. They charge attractive prices. But remember they are on business and not on charity. They have to stay in business and make profits.

To make profits, most of the companies with cheap offer make sure that they drive costs down by spending less or nothing at all on technical and customer support, and other necessities. Worse still, others have hidden charges or introduce new charges as you continue using their services. In other cases, you might be tempted to go for free hosting.

However, the sloppy side of free hosting is that they suffer frequent downtime, have less security measure therefore leaving you exposed to hackers and spammers, have limited functionalities and controls. These all have negative impact on your traffic flow. However, this does not mean that you abhor any relatively cheap host. Some hosts out there are exorbitant and give low quality service. The most ideal way is to get a host with reasonable charges but quality service.

2. Online Testimonials and Reviews

Many beginners turn to the internet for testimonials and reviews, a fact known to many web hosts. While there are many genuine companies with genuine customer testimonials, some others have devised ways to cut corners. They simply get paid affiliates to write testimonials on their behalf or they write it themselves. While some testimonials may genuine, it is important to treat any testimonial with skepticism. Make sure that validate their credibility by checking on customer contacts and other essential details.

Searching for the top web host is another mistake most people do. Some webmasters are on the hosts payroll and they rank and charge the hosts based on the number of signups they help to create. Therefore, it is important that when going online for a guide, don’t rely on a single source. Rather, use range of sources such as real host forums, blogs and hosting directories. When completely stacked seek for professional advice or from a person with related experience.

3. Failing to Create a Backup

While many hosts offer to back up your data, some others don’t. In either case, failing to backup your own data is one of the most common mistakes people make. Never rely solely on your host for back up. Anything can happen. Also when the host does not offer to backup your data, periodically restore the data and back it up. Your website may go down indefinitely, making you lose important data, and prompt you to start from square zero.

4. Putting All the Eggs In One Basket

Many beginners with multiple website hosts all of them under one account. While having all your websites in a single location may appear to be a wise move, it is risky. When there is a downtime, or a technical issue, all your websites go down thereby making you lose a lot of revenues. It is always advisable to ask the host to split your accounts across multiple servers.

5. Annual Billing

Some hosts ask for advance payments. This can be problematic if you try them and find that they are not up to mark. Never sign up for long periods of time such as more than one year. It can create problems if you find that their services are poor and you want to get a refund. The best thing to do is going for monthly payments and if you are to signup for a period of more than six months, make sure that they make a guarantee in writing for a refund.

How to Microwave the Right Way to Retain and even Increase your Foods Nutritional Value

We all love microwaves because they’re simple, fast, and just plain convenient. Using a microwave to cook or reheat food is a regular part of the lives of average people. But the reality is that even though everyone knows how to operate a microwave, not everyone knows how to use one the correct way.

It is been proven cooking food in the microwave is one of the best ways to retain your food’s vitamins and minerals, which is quite amazing seeing its also the easiest cooking method.

It’s believed the main reason behind this benefit is when cooking, the quick rise in temperatures easily breaks down vitamins like B12 or vitamin C in some foods. However, quicker cooking times preserve nutrients giving the microwave an advantage.


Tips to using a Microwave the Best Way

Make sure you follow these 3 simple tips to make the best out of your microwaved food.

  1. Put a lid on it. Everyone knows microwaves don’t heat food evenly. When cooking your food on the microwave there is the risk of overheating (at least some parts) your food, which could also mean a complete loss of its nutritional value. To avoid this, the best microwaves under 100 on the market are designed to cover up your food by placing a lid over it or a microwave-safe plastic wrap; this way the moisture is kept inside providing safe and even heating . (Hint: Always use microwave-safe containers).
  2. Keep the microwave heating power on LOW. This of course will still allow your food to cook rapidly but preventing overheating and without it losing any of its nutrients.
  3. Use some water. When heating vegetables in the microwave, be sure to add a small amount of water, this way food is steamed, retaining most of it vitamins and minerals, even more so than by using the stove for example. (Hint: Using too much water can actually leach minerals and vitamins out of food so it´s best to not over do it.)

Preserve Nutrition Even When Heated in a Microwave

When Microwaving food you can even make some nutrients better for your body. Research shows even if some of the vitamins are lost; this will mostly depend on the time taken to heat food. At the same time, this can also liberate some other nutrients in the food, like antioxidants, allowing the body to best absorb them. It’s a win-lose situation for nutrients.

We’ve listed the vegetables below that can actually increase their antioxidant levels when microwaved: Carrots, Tomatoes, Spinach, Mushrooms and Red Pepper.

On the other side, there are some Foods like asparagus, broccoli, frozen fruit, garlic and even breast milk that are just best to avoid cooking on the microwave since they will mostly lose all their nutritional value.

Eating microwaved foods has its pros and cons, but at the end of the day we recommend to eat your food in a variety of ways when possible. This way you will be making sure your body won’t be missing out on any important nutrients.