Best VPN Reviews for 2015 and Beyond

VPNs and How we Reviewed Them

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Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have turned into a crucial instrument for some web clients keeping in mind the end goal to:

Ensure their protection and obscurity on the web

To secure their web association when utilizing open home Wi-Fi routers.

To get to abroad sites and web administrations, for example, Netflix, Home Box Office and spilled shows of significant wearing occasions that may be obstructed to them by geological confinement

To utilize BitTorrent and P2P arranges namelessly without uncovering their genuine IP address

To sidestep national firewalls worked by prohibitive administrations that square access to destinations like Facebook and Google.

In setting up this arrangement of audits we took a gander at 23 business VPN administrations which we winnowed down to seven as sketched out “By they way we Selected and Reviewed VPNs.” We’ll add extra VPN surveys in light of recommendations from our site guests. To have your say click on the survey in the right sidebar or post a remark beneath.

Every one of the administrations looked into here are membership based however some offer both free and paid administrations. In the event that you are just intrigued by free we recommend you counsel our different survey of the Best Free VPN administrations.

Our VPN Review Recommendations

During the time spent evaluating the best vpn service it soon turned out to be clear that there was no general champ that was better inside and out yet rather specific administrations exceed expectations specifically ranges. For instance some VPNs give awesome namelessness while other offer quick system speed or are adapted towards the needs of BitTorrent clients.

Therefore we suggest that you pick a VPN that is most appropriate to your needs. To help we’ve appraised the best VPNs as indicated by how you need to utilize them in the rundown beneath:

Best VPN’s

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. Private Internet Access (PIA)
  3. TunnelBear
  4. CyberGhost
  5. VPNs with the speediest system speeds
  6. VyprVPN
  7. PureVPN
  8. ExpressVPN
  9. CyberGhost
  10. Best VPNs for BitTorrent and P2P clients
  11. ExpressVPN
  12. Private Internet Access (PIA)

Here is a rundown (in sequential request) of the considerable number of administrations we tried alongside a brief synopsis of each. The fundamental elements of every administration are recorded in the VPN Service Comparison Table. Utilize these assets to help direct your choice however we emphatically suggest you read the full surveys als

Best Samsung Chromebook 2 Holiday Season Deals

Christmas is just two weeks away and it’s time to make up your mind and make sure your gift will be delivered in just in time for the presents’ time. Some of the most appealing devices in the laptop/netbook area, the Samsung Chromebook 2 makes for a great holiday gift both for the tech savvy and for the beginner.

With the holiday shopping season at its peak, the Samsung Chromebook 2 Coupons are scarce, but Amazon has a good enough offer, particularly when it comes to deals for used devices. Samsung Chromebook 2 with Wi-Fi sells on Amazon starting at $449.99 and it qualifies for the free Super Saver Shipping offer. But offers for used Samsung Chromebook 2 are even more appealing, starting at $391.28. Also, the 3G version (Titan Silver) sells new from $490.00, while used devices start as low as $318.01.

The Samsung Chromebook 2 laptops are truly enticing for everybody, not just for the Google fans. The laptops pack the latest version of Chrome OS, and while it still doesn’t offer a compelling OS experience, it does come with a series of eye-catching perks. For instance, for those who find technology confusing, the Samsung Chromebook 2 are as user-friendly as one such device can be.

Since everything is basically based on cloud computing, there’s no hassle with installing virus protection (they already have it) and you won’t have to deal with confusing manual updates. As Google promises on its website, the Samsung Chromebook 2 “boot-up in seconds, never slow down and require almost zero setup or maintenance”.


Everything on your Samsung Chromebook 2 device is always backed up since all your files are stored on Google Drive.

There is no need to install a virus protection against malware since Google and Samsung have already figured that out for you.

You get 1TB of Google Drive free for 2 years when you purchase a Samsung Chromebook 2.

It’s never an easy decision, making a several hundred dollars investment in a device we expect of to be the latest in technology, web browsing, functionality and design. Samsung Chromebook 2 devices could easily be a bit steep priced for what they offers, since when offline, there’s not that much you can do with it. However, the Samsung Chromebook 2 Coupons, discounts and Amazon’s offers do make these devices appealing enough for a business mostly web-based.

Samsung Chromebook 2 Review

It took IT manufacturers six years to deliver on a promise they made back in 2008. Manufacturers are now delivering Chromebooks that range drastically in price and tech specs. If you’re planning to buy such a device, start reading reviews and make sure it will meet your expectations.

It’s time to change the notebook/laptop you bought years ago, before the ultrabooks and Chromebooks brought features to the market that actually revamp your web experience. Today’s laptops, notebooks are sleeker, faster and well…overall better. And when it comes to a faster web browsing experience, the Samsung Chromebook 2 stands out as the best in its category.

A closer look at the Samsung Chromebook 2 laptop tech specs makes it clear it will be great for business purposes. The 12-inch widescreen, 1,280-by-800 resolution and 16:10 ratio will make working on spreadsheets and writing softwares comfortable enough, but mostly through Google Docs. The keyboard is a lot similar to the Apple MacBook notes a Samsung Chromebook 2 Review on Well, “except that the tiled keys are raised slightly higher”. But for web browsing purposes, the keyboard features the most used browser commands on the top row. There are so many beautiful covers for Samsung Chromebooks to really complete the aesthetics of your new notebook.

The Samsung Chromebook 2 also packs a 4-in-1 card reader, two USB 2.0 ports as well as a 1-megapixel webcam above the screen and a pair of speakers under the keyboard for video chatting using Google Talk. Although Chrome OS has a default 360p video quality, videos from YouTube and Hulu play without flaw in most cases.

The Samsung Chromebook 2 features a 1.67GHz Intel Atom N570 CPU processor and 2GB of memory which pack together more power than any Chrome OS app would ever need.

It takes your system only 5 second to boot (that’s 45 seconds less than Windows)     

The battery life is simply excellent and great for traveling. Under testing with apps that don’t usually run on Windows, the Samsung Chromebook 2 lasted for 6 hours 30 minutes. Samsung writes on its website that the battery life on web browsing is over 8 hours.

Good Samsung Chromebook 2 Reviews should take into account the cons too, and don’t imagine this device doesn’t feature any. We’re still far from a Chromebook experience that will be all pros, no cons. For starters, the Series 5 doesn’t feature an Ethernet port or Bluetooth, but has Wi-Fi and 3G. Printing is also a feature that isn’t still there, since most of the classic printers already in your office/home require direct connection which makes cloud printing a bit more difficult to get to.

Samsung Chromebook 2 Reviews seem to agree this is the most capable and promising Google Chrome device. And when reviewing the competition, even if they’re cheaper, buying the Samsung Chromebook Series is still the best deal if you’re looking for the best price-quality ratio.

Google Drive